Rebuilding the Lives of Homeless Men – By our Client David

First and foremost I’d like to thank God for my salvatiion, it is only by His grace that I am able to give this testimony. Like many homes today, my father left my mother when I was very young. At the age of 13 my mom and step-dad dropped me off at the police station and said, “lock him up, we don’t want him any more.” Growing up I was in three different foster homes, during this time I began smoking pot and drinking which led me to prison for 10 years. Every time I got out of prison I would get in trouble again and land back in prison resulting in 20 years in prison. If I wasn’t in prison I was a homeless drug addict or drunk never really belonging anywhere or having friends. One day I met a girl who would eventually bear me two beautiful boys. David and William brought hope into my wasted life. We were both using drugs and I finally wanted to stop, but she said it wasn’t fair to her because she wasn’t ready to quit yet. I poured all my love into my boys and she resented it and wanted to know why I could not love her like I loved my boys. The fact was I did not love her – what love I had went to the boys. One day she left with my boys, she changed her phone number, and I haven’t seen them since May 2013. I about drank myself to death after that.. I even tried to walk into the traffic a few times. but for some reason it did not work. I made a sign and stood on a corner. I was crying like I never cried before. My sign said, “Please Save Me!” A man and his girlfriend pulled over and talked to me for a little while. They lived in the mountains in California. It was there where I became tired of being sick and tired. I knocked on a door, a Man answered that door and His Name was Jesus Christ. I walk  with Him today. I know He has a chosen path for me and each day He shows me more. I came from California to Memphis, why: Because He has a plan for me. Just because I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior does not mean my trials and tribulations are over. But it builds my personal relationship with Him and through that comes strength and character. I know the Lord lead me to Calvary Rescue Mission where I have completed the Discipleship course and am now working at the mission. In addition, I am taking Bible courses on the computer here at the Mission through Blaze Seminary. I know this, as long as I trust love and believe in Him. He will take care of my every need. I know when the time is right, I will be reunited with my tow boys, but I know it is in His time. At the age of 48 I realize this – it is never too late to come to Jesus!

Rebuilding the Lives of Homeless Men by Fred

After a divorce and other problems, Fred found himself homeless with no place to sleep. He came to Calvary Rescue Mission where he got back on his feet and began studying God’s Word. Fred has gotten married, is working a full time job, helping with the “Church Without Doors” Ministry as well as a prison ministry. In May 2014, he received his Certificate for “Drug and Alcohol Counseling”. He is workin gon his BA in Social Work. Our Mission Statement is: “Rebuilding the Lives of Homeless Men”. Truly, Fred is an example of many men who have come to Calvary to find Hope!

Excerpts from Client’s Testimony – Reginald Easley

I was born in Memphis, TN February 1980. My father was an industrial man. My mother was an exotic dancer. When I was six they separated and I stayed with my father as my mother went to and from Memphis. When I was 7 my father dropped me off where my mother was working. She kept me for a few days and then dropped me off at her sister’s house where my father picked me up. Later he dropped me off at my grandmother’s house and said he was going to the service station – but he ended up in Florida. When I was 10 or 11 my father came back and I inherited a nasty trait from my father – the ability to STEAL! The last time I got to see my mother was Christmas day 1998. Her siblings were street life type of people-drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes and gamblers. The story I heard stating why she was gone was she met another guy at a club and he took her away. After my father and his girlfriend separated I started skipping school, breaking into houses, apartment buildings, smoking  weed. My father was there, but he really wasn’t present for me. The streets raised me – I landed up in STC until I turned 17. When I got out of STC my father was with another woman and he moved in with her leaving my younger brother and me. At 21, I met a woman who became the mother of my only child. I was working dead-end jobs. Some days and months I would work and some I would not. I moved in and out of town and went from house to house. In 2011, I committed a crime that obtained me a felony. I started staying in missions as well as sleeping in cars or abandoned houses and apartments. I would walk 6 to 7 hours from one side of town to another just to make some money. I got tired of that and started praying, asking God to forgive me and guide me and protect me. He sent me back to my home church where I gave my life to Him and got baptized shortly afterwards. Off and on I was staying at Calvary Rescue Mission and saw and heard good things there. I talked to them about getting on staff there and a week later I became a part of Calvary serving our Lord. Some of the preachers have said that I would become a preacher and I am starting to believe that it may be true. During my life I have been used, lied to, homeless, almost ran over and even tried to kill myself … but through it all HE did not allow me to give up.

Excerpts From A Prior Client’s Letter – Johnny Lott

“I am extremely thankful for Calvary Rescue Mission. Without, Calvary I don’t know where I would be today, or if I would be alive. At that time, I was on a path of total destruction even to death, but praise the Lord, he sent Brother Harry Goodell to Calvary, on October 16, 1995, and I prayed the sinner’s prayer, and I began to trust, and obey Jesus from that day. I have had my trips and falls, but Jesus always picks me up and dusts me off. Oh, what a mighty God we serve!”  “My salvation has taught me to be thankful for all things in life because the Lord blesses us with each and every day. I try to give Him praise for everything I do in life and everything He has given me. I’m so thankful He has blessed me with two wonderful daughters, and one granddaughter. Currently, I’ve been soooo thankful for Him blessing me and my job/career. It is things like this that we pray for often to feel great about our jobs and commitment to serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know the Lord placed me here at the right time to help those who are in need.”  “I am currently on the Deacon Board at my church (Fortson Memorial Baptist Church).  I was ordained in October 2006.  I have also been blessed to have an adult Sunday School class, and occasionally work with our children and adolescences. God also blessed me with a home that I purchased in June 2010. God is soooo good, and He always gets the glory.”

A Story of Hope – by Michael

When Michael, a very strong young man, came to the mission, his life had just about spun out of control. Although he had been a power lifting champion, he felt like the weight of the world was on him. At Calvary, he receive Christ and was baptized at a nearby church.  It was not long before he decided to become a Biblical Studies major at a local college. What a big change in such a short time. Burdens are lifted at Calvary!

Testimonial from a Calvary Discipleship program graduate – by Larry Moore

Larry was born and raised in North Memphis, 56 years ago. He came from a family with a godly heritage and excelled in sports. Like a lot of young people growing up in rough areas, he became involved with gangs and all that goes with them. Eventually his lifestyle cost him his freedom and he was incarcerated for several years. He was married after his release, but in 2003, he lost his marriage and survived a house fire with nothing more than his life. Saved at an early age, Larry now turned back to God. He came to Calvary three years ago and made a lot of right choices. Being in a right relationship with God and his family, Larry graduated from the Calvary Discipleship program in April of 2012. Larry says that the discipline of going to chapel every day at Calvary helped him to grow as a Christian.

Rebuilding the Lives of Homeless Men in Memphis, TN